Axkid Minikid 2.0 Car Seat - Granite


Brand Axkid


The Axkid Minikid 2.0 Car Seat has been designed to provide the best possible safety and comfort for both small and large children, enabling your child to travel rear facing for as long as possible. It has been designed with innovative side impact protection - ASIP (Axkid Side Impact Protection) developed together with a recognized crash institute in Germany, providing the best possible protection for the child in the event of a side impact collision. ASIP should be used on the side of the car seat that is facing the car’s door. When using the car seat in the middle, ASIP is not required. The support leg has been designed to be extended with just one button, which is easy to access from the side.

The washable cover and cosy headrest provide a padded and soft environment for your child giving them a comfortable ride as you travel. The headrest and internal harness automatically adjust with your child as you pull the belt.

The self-tightening tether straps make the installation smooth when the car seat is 'wiggled' in place. The reclining leg in the front allows you to use five different positions for optimal slope for your child, depending on age and length.

The Axkid Minikid 2.0 Car Seat comes with a black baby cushion, to provide better support for the youngest children. This car seat does not replace the infant carrier. When your child has out-grown the baby car seat, the Axkid Minikid is a good choice for your child to travel rear-facing for a long time.

  • Suitable for children 0-25kg (approximately 125cm/6yrs)
  • Innovative side impact protection
  • Rearward and forward facing
  • Padded covers and headrest
  • Self-tightening tether straps
  • Support leg with 5 positions
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