BabyStyle Oyster 3 Carapace Toddler Car Seat - Pebble


Brand BabyStyle

The BabyStyle Oyster 3 Carapace toddler seat can be affixed to the Oyster Duofix i-Size ISOFix Base (purchased separately)  in the rearward facing position from 40cm up to 105cm (approx. 4 years); or can be switched to the forward-facing position after 15 months (when your infant’s head and neck muscles have developed enough to self-support).

The perfect next stage partner, the Carapace Toddler i-Size offers older babies a great vantage point to look out of the window in a rearward and forward-facing position

  • Suitable from 40cm - 105cm (approx 4 years)
  • Dimensions: W44 x H54 x D49cm with Duofix i-Size ISOFix Base
  • Weight: 15kg
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