BeSafe iZi Comfort X3 (Belted) Black Cab


Brand BeSafe

BeSafe iZi COMFORT has a patented belt installation system that makes installation in a car very easy and unlike many other car seats in same weight group the routing is always in view so you can see what you are doing! Thanks to the special belt tensioning system at the front of the base the seat can be installed extremely tightly without relying on personal strength.

Incorrect installation of child safety seats is unfortunately commonplace with some studies such as that from Germany (BAST) show that 65% of all seats are used or installed wrongly. The most common aspect of the misuse/ incorrect installation is the large amount of slack in the belt tension which might allow the child's head to impact the car interior in the event of a frontal impact. BeSafe iZi COMFORT Belt routing significantly reduces incorrect installation. 
Why buy me?
Suitable from 9kg - 18kg
SIP - Side Impact Protection
Five-point harness with central adjustment and height adjustment
The seat can be reclined into four different sitting positions
Bodyhugging internal cushion for smaller children
Back ventilation
The cover can be removed and washed using a 40° washing program for wool
Belt padding and head-support cushion can easily be removed and washed
Double height adjustable safety leg
Magnetic connectors hold harness open for easy access
'Sandwich' construction, reinforced plastic shell with 40mm soft shell inside 
Soft & Comfortable seat covers 
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