BeSafe iZi Up Fix x3 Car Seat - Black Cab


Brand BeSafe

BeSafe Izi Up Fix X3 Car Seat - Black Cab Details

IZi Up Fix X3 comes with the new solution SIR - Side Impact Rotation. This means that the seat will rotate into the center of the car so that the child is not pushed forward towards the door, which is common in accidents. In a collision, the seat rotate and protect the child in a unique way. Kids Rock is easy to mount on the car's ISOFIX mountings. Quickly and safely, click, click.
IZi Up X3 Fix mounted with FIX-mounts on the car's ISOFIX mountings. Then, secure the child car belt. In addition, holding iZi Up X3 Fix the same good qualities as iZi Up X3.
  • Suitable from 15kg - 36kg
  • Very easy installation with 3-point seat belt: belt guide ensures that its always correctly positioned over the child's shoulder. The absence of armrests makes that older children can safely attach itself even without the danger of incorrect installation.
  • 2 different seating positions as your child can set them self.
  • SIR - Side Impact Rotation. A side impact rotating chair slightly so that the child's head protected better
  • The height of the backrest and headrest can be adjusted easily from either side of the seat.
  • Shoulder belt guides expands in line with the height increases, so that the chair's proportions are always appropriate for the child.

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