iCandy Peach 2018 Converter Base - Satin/Damson


Brand iCandy

Convert your Peach stroller from a single to a double pushchair with this Converter Base. The innovative converter adapter can be applied to the frame of the pushchair in just a few simple clicks.

The adapter allows for either two carrycots, two seats, or a combination of both a carrycot and seat unit to fit onto the existing pushchair frame, consequently transforming the single Peach into a double pushchair.


  • Satin seat/carrycot frame
  • Canopy
  • Converter adapter
  • Raincover 
  • Converts Peach from a single to double stroller
  • Clicks on in a few simple clicks
  • Allows for either 2 seats, 2 carrycots or combination of both

  • Please note - existing converter kits will no longer be compatible with the new iCandy Peach pushchair


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