Cosatto Giggle 2 Hold 0+ Car Seat Pixelate


Brand Cosatto


Specifications for Cosatto Giggle 2 Hold Pixelate:

  • Suitable from birth to 13kg (Group 0+)
  • Ultimate side impact protection
  • Rear storage compartment
  • Removable hood
  • Removable and washable covers
  • Handy carry handle
  • Easy to get from A to B without waking baby
  • Can be used as a rocker
  • FREE head hugger, tummy & chest pads
  • FREE 4 Year Guarantee
  • Register your guarantee within 28 days of purchase

Weight and Size
Size: L: 70cm W: 44cm D: 60cm (approx)
Weight: 4.2kg (approx)

From-Birth In-Car Cuddle

This burly bodyguard fits smoothly and surely onto the Giggle chassis; then gets back to bases - anchoring sturdily in your car with the Hold ISOFIX or belted semi-universal base (sold separately).

No Need to Wake Baby

Hold cruises on your Giggle travel system. Press the easy-release buttons and it’s an infant carrier. Pick a car seat base and it’s your 0+ statement car seat. Just pop on and off from car seat to high street. This is smooth stuff for sleepy b-boys and girls.

Snug Security

Your mini passenger stays snug in this diddy DJ booth thanks to chest pads, tummy pad, seat liner and layers of padding around Hold’s tough core. The fitted coordinating raincover shows mean weather who’s the boss.

Trendsetting Trax

From the moment you step out the door, New Wave leaves stripes wherever you roll. Go faster-stripes become go-bendier stripes in Orange, Blue and White against scribble grey. Get on the New Wave wavelength man.

Happily Ever After

Gotta dig that Cosatto FREE 4 year guarantee that comes with Hold Pixelate - register within 28 days of purchase.

(Never put a child in a passenger seat fitted with an active front airbag. Airbags are designed to protect adults but can have the opposite effect on children.)