iCandy Land Rover Peach All Terrain

£1,500.00 £1,000.00

Brand iCandy

Includes: Pushchair, Carrycot, Footmuff, Seat Liner, Car Seat Adapters & iCandy/Land Rover All Terrain Bag

The Special Edition iCandy Peach All-Terrain will feature four wheels, a clear and intended tribute to the exceptional four wheel legacy of Land Rover. All details of this one off pushchair have been meticulously considered, with nothing left to chance. The intricacies of this endeavour even extend to the hood fabrics of the pushchair, with the iconic grille pattern synonymous with the Land Rover brand, being incorporated into the design of the hood, helping produce an eye catching fashion statement. Meanwhile, the elaborate seat stitching within the pushchair coordinates with the very same seat embroidery found in the most desirable of Land Rover vehicles. In addition to the pushchair, a one of a kind ruck sack has been fashioned to compliment the Peach All-Terrain, the rucksack slides gracefully into the generous pushchair basket, meaning all belongings are easily accessible. The footmuff and seat liner are also inspired by iconic Land Rover design, with attention to detail never being understated.

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