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Just Another Baby? We don't think so! We are open by appointment only and will demonstrate from a safe distance. Call 01392 693000. Bookings taken 6 days a week.
Just Another Baby? We don't think so! We are open by appointment only and will demonstrate from a safe distance. Call 01392 693000. Bookings taken 6 days a week.

Joolz BeSafe iZi Go Modular Car Seat Black

by Joolz
The Joolz iZi Go Modular™ by BeSafe® complements the travel system of our Joolz pushchairs, making travelling comfortable, safe and elegant. A co-operation where Dutch Design meets Scandinavian Safety, the best of both worlds!

Car Seat Features
  • Suitable from birth up to approximately 12 months (height: 40—75 cm)
  • Magnets hold the harness out of the way when placing baby in the car seat.
  • Patented belt guide
  • The three point belt and the lock system is always visible to reduce the risk of incorrect installation.
  • BeSafes impeccable safety credentials
  • The innovative solution SIP+ (Side Impact Protection) increases the safety in case of a side impact.
  • As of the unique combination of EPS and foam together with soft padding.
  • Easy to install in the car and onto Joolz pushchairs.
  • Use the iZi Modular i-Size base (available separately), or install it with the three point seat belt in the car, and with Joolz car seat adapters on Joolz pushchairs.
  • XL sun hood with an UPF of 50+
  • With built-in ventilation and an UPF of 50+ for protection from the sun.
  • Adjusted for the growing child
  • Easy to adjust cushion and harness when your child is growing.
  • More legroom

The patented solution allows the i-Size base (available separately) to be adjusted for more legroom.
Ergonomic leatherette carrying handle
The shape, angle and soft leatherette gives the carrying handle more comfort for carrying.
Robust yet lightweight
Only 4.2 kg which makes it easy to install and carry
High quality washable Joolz fabrics

All About the iZi Modular 
The iZi Modular concept is the new innovative child safety restraint system from BeSafe, from newborn to approximately 4 years.
iZi Modular is a modular child seat system consisting of one ISOfix i-Size base (available separately) that can be used with the Joolz iZi Go Modular™ by BeSafe® and a toddler seat. In this way, the same base can be used from 0 to approximately 4 years. When your baby grows too big for the Joolz iZi Go Modular™ by BeSafe®, you simply remove it from the base and click on the next toddler seat. The base module can be extended to allow more legroom for the child, which means children up to the age of about four years (105 cm tall) can travel rear-facing.
iZi Modular is approved according to the toughest regulations for car seats, UN R129 (i-Size).
Rear Facing- Five Times Safer!
Frontal impact tests show that strain on the neck is five times greater forward facing than rear – facing. If the child car seat is rear facing, the seat shell will act as a protective shield and absorb the impact.
Children are especially vulnerable in the event of a car crash as their heads are heavy in relation to the rest of the body and the neck is not yet fully developed. If a child is sitting forward facing in a frontal impact, the head is thrown forward with a tremendous force, resulting in a substantial strain on the neck and head.