Shnuggle Eco Baby Moses Basket Folding Stand - Pine


Brand Shnuggle

The perfect companion to your Shnuggle Moses basket, this lightweight, natural pine folding stand fits the Shnuggle Moses basket perfectly, and can be easily folded away when not in use.

Made in the UK from pine which is sourced from sustainable suppliers.

The stand is available either fine sanded but not painted or stained, giving a natural pine finish or with a flat white painted finish.

This stand is suitable for use with Moses baskets of dimensions 85cm x 40cm

This product requires home assembly, which takes approximately 10 minutes,

Locking features ensure that the stand stays fully open, and the retaining bars ensure that the Moses Basket is securely held in place.

Fully conforms to BS EN 1466 to ensure the safety of your baby.
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