Joolz Hub Earth Collection Cocoon - Parrot Blue


Brand Joolz


Hello Urban Beauty

Replace the Hub cot with the seat and cocoon to create a parent facing seat - simply attach the cocoon to the seat and put the shoulder straps on the lowest position. The cocoon can be used with or without the mattress and cover, it is also easy to remove or add the bumper bar.

For babies 0-6 months: Add the removable flat mattress.

For 6-18 months: Use the backrest in an upright position without the mattress and cover.


  • Extra ventilation
  • Use from 0-18 months
  • Cocoon mattress holder
  • Removable flat mattress
  • Attachment with or without bumper bar
  • Cocoon can be used with or without cover
  • Backrest upright position without cocoon mattress and cover

Cocoon mattress holder: Attach the cocoon mattress holder to the seat harness for a safe ride.

Removable flat mattress: for babies from 0-6 months, add the removable flat mattress.

Cocoon can be used with or without cover: The cover has a magnetic flap for easy access and ventilation.

Backrest upright position without cocoon mattress and cover: For babies from 6-18 months when they are able to sit upright themselves.

Attachment with and without bumper bar: The cover can be pulled over the bumper bar and offers ventilation and space for a blanket.

Extra ventilation: At the foot end, pull the zipper to open extra ventilation - control your baby's temperature naturally.

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