Obaby Grace Cot Bed - Warm Grey


Brand Obaby

The Obaby Grace Cot Bed has 3 mattress base heights. The top height allows easy access to your very young baby. The mattress base can then be lowered two further positions as your child grows.

The teething rails provide a protective cover for your cot bed when your little one is teething and learning to chew.

To convert your cot bed, you simply remove the sides and divide the ends to leave a toddler bed suitable up to 4 years old.

* Adjustable, three position mattress base
* Two split end panels for converting into junior bed
* Protective teething rails
* Available in 4 colours
* Requires mattress size 140 x 69cm

Weight: 19kg

External Dimensions: 144(l) x 78(w) x 93cm(h)
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