Shnuggle Air Bedside Conversion Kit with Cot Mattress


Brand Shnuggle

The Snuggle Air Bedside Conversation Kit, converts your bedside kit into a cot to accommodate your baby until approximately 2 years old.

Includes a uniquely designed Air-flow mattress made from a hypo-allergenic fibre which provides 50% more breathability than a standard mattress. Tested to BS EN ISO 9237-1995 for air permeability.

Convert your Shnuggle Air Crib to a stylish cot with the Cot Conversation Kit (Air Shnuggle Sold separately). Extend your little one's safe, comfy familiar sleeping space until they are approximately 2 years old while helping to easy their transition from crib to cot.

Includes conversion kit and mattress only.


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