SnuzPod 3 Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector


Brand The Little Green Sheep

No More Crinkly Plastic Protectors

Fits the SnuzPod3 Bedside Crib.

New from Snuz®! This innovative luxury cotton mattress protector for SnuzPod offers your baby both comfort and protection. A waterproof layer is sandwiched between 100% cotton, for a super soft and absorbent surface that is 100% waterproof.

Soft & Comfy - 100% brushed cotton either side of a waterproof layer

Extra Absorbent - Cotton absorbs any accidents, keeping your baby clean and dry, unlike other protectors where liquid remains on the surface
Helps for a better nights sleep

100% Waterproof Protection

  • Luxury cotton sandwiches a layer of safe food grade polyurethane
  • Lies flat over the top of your mattress, allowing air to circulate from the sides and underneath
  • Helps keep your mattress clean and dry for longer

  • 100% cotton (no pesticides)
  • Food safe grade polyurethane
  • Fits SnüzPod 3 mattress
  • Size: 36x80cm
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